The PRLC: Price Responsive Load Coalition




The PRLC has been around for over 5 years now. It was founded in 1999 by participants looking to increase participation of demand response resources in wholesale markets. Customized Energy Solutions was one of the founders of the PRLC. Mr. Aaron Breidenbaugh, who was the original Executive Director of the PRLC is currently Demand Response Program Coordinator for NYISO.

Currently Rick Mancini from Customized Energy Solutions is the Executive Director of the PRLC. Customized Energy Solutions provides the administrative and regulatory support for the PRLC.


Since 1999 the membership has fluctuated to reflect the market conditions and interest of companies in the Demand Response initiatives. The PRLC has had more than 20 members contribute to the furthering of the cause of demand response. This partnership helped in introducing and establishing the various demand response incentives in both NYISO and PJM ISO. Currently the PRLC has 8 active members including LSEs, Technology Providers and Environmental Groups.

If your organization has a stake and leadership in the development of better energy markets and an increased role for demand response in wholesale energy markets, we would like to invite you to participate in the PRLC.


The PRLC members expand the opportunities for demand response participation in the developing RTO run wholesale markets and help expand the market for your products and services.

Members of the PRLC are entitled to regular updates on the development of rules impacting demand side response within the ISOs served by the PRLC (currently PJM and NYISO). These updates would be provided by means of email summaries and question and answer phone calls.

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